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2022 Rapid React - Loopy

For our team and Loopy, 2022 was a really exciting year! We took first place at the FRC District Championship, won the UNC Pembroke district competition, and made for the first time ever, traveled to the FRC World Championship.

Loopy featured:
  • Swerve Drive that can reach speeds of 4.5m/s using falcon motors
  • Dual-flywheel upper hub shooter with dual falcons
  • Limelight 2+ used for auto-targeting and range finding
  • Reliable Traversal Climb with static hooks and arms
  • 5 Ball Autonomous totalling 22 points

2021 Infinite Recharge - Loki

Drive Train:
  • 4 Falcon 500 tank drive
  • WCP single speed gear boxes
  • Colson and omni west coast drive
Power Cell Scoring Mechanism:
  • CNC cut turret with 3d printed back ramp
  • Falcon 500 powered dual-colson flywheel
  • Chain driven turret mechanism powered by 775 pro motor
  • 2 stage turret flip up powered by 4 inch pneumatic actuator
  • Targeting of goal using Limelight 2+ vision targeting
  • Power cells fed into the turret via a 4 in blue compliant intake wheel
Intake Mechanism: Climbing Mechanism: Frame:

2020/21 Infinite Recharge - Darth Roomba

Drive Train:
  • 4 Falcon 500 tank drive
  • Vex ball-shifting gearboxes produce 9fps/20fps speeds in low and high gears
  • 6" 60D Hi-Grip wheel for solid traction on offense and defense.
Power Cell Mechanism:
  • Welded aluminum frame box design
  • Mid-box roller to ensure proper Power Cell feed to main rollers
  • Falcon 500 powered pivot arms with 36:1 Sport gearbox moving 3:1 spur gear set on a drive shaft
  • Targeting of the loading station with Limelight 2+
  • Intakes 5 PCs in approx. 1 second from the floor and all loading station positions
  • Outputs 5 PCs to low goal in less than 1 second
Control Panel Mechanism: Climbing Mechanism:

2019 Destination Deep Space - Mia

Drive Train:
  • 4 Mini CIM motors
  • 4 12:1 Sport planetary gearboxes
  • 4 Mecanum wheels (6in)
  • Welded steel motor/gearbox mounts
Hatch Panel Manipulator:
  • Pneumatic extending arm
  • Pneumatic actuated tri-tip prong mechanism
  • 4 in pneumatic actuator opens and closes prong mechanism
  • 60 psi working pressure
  • Hatch panel is guided out on a rail system
  • 3 prong mechanism grips Hatch Panels
Cascade Lift:
  • Arms are fabricated out of 1 in extrusion
  • 775 motor runs pulley system to move the lift up and down
  • Pre-set positions to each height on the rocket
Hab Climb:

2018 Power-Up - Eugene Crabbs

Drive Train:
  • 4 CIM motors
  • 12.75:1 Toughbox Mini gearboxs
  • 4 wheel, short wheelbase tank drive
Power Cell Mechanism:
  • Dual pincer claw manipulator
  • 4 inch pneumatic actuators to open and close claws
  • Manipulator head drops down on hinged mount to deploy after match begins.
Lift Mechanism:
  • Dual-purpose three-stage continuous elevator using the Andymark elevator bracket system
  • Chain driven with #25 chain on 18 tooth sprockets
  • CIM motor powering a 48:1 Banebots planetary gearbox
  • Top stage contains and lifts the Power Cell mechanism
  • Climbing hooks attached to top of second stage.

2017 Steamworks - Tommy

Drive Train:
  • 4 CIM motors
  • 12.75:1 Toughbox Mini gearboxs
  • 6 wheel tank drive
Gear Mechanism:
  • Sheet metal construction
  • Through-slot for gear lift peg access
  • Flared opening to allow loading from field loading stations
Climbing Mechanism: