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Titanium Tigers

We, the Titanium Tigers, are a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team hosted at Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC, and run by its students. We are made up of around 30 active student team members. Our team provides real life experiences in being part of a team where everyone has real responsibilities and a clear, common goal. We supply crucial opportunities for students to develop their skills in engineering, communication, leadership, time management, and in being a thoughtful and responsible team member. We feel that learning these skills builds the foundation for a successful future in STEM.

Meet Charles!

2023 was quite the year for our team and Charles, our bot named after our retiring and much beloved principal! We won the Johnston County district event, the Industrial Design Award at the Mecklenburg county event, and made playoffs at the NC state championship.

Charles featured:
  • Swerve Drive that can reach speeds of 4.5m/s using falcon motors
  • Rotating wrist design end-affector
  • Telescoping arm capable of extending four feet
  • Ambitious autonomous programming using two Limelight 3s

Meet the Team!


We are a group of around 25 students from Chapel Hill High School dedicated to learning more about STEM and robotics. We strive to not only gain new knowledge, but also to help our peers as well as younger students interested in STEM. Focusing specifically on mechanical engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, marketing, management, and leadership, students learn a variety of crucial skills for later opportunities in life.

FRC Challenge Videos

This is the official game video for the 2023 season Charged Up and the teaser for the 2024 season Crescendo.